A to Zzzzs Master Sleep Class for Your Baby 4 to 24 Months


Confidently and compassionately,

teach your baby to sleep through the night 

in 2 weeks or less. 


 If there was a way to wake up to the sound of your little one happily cooing in her crib in the morning after a full night’s sleep, 


without the frequent night waking and short naps which leave you feeling stuck or unsure how to respond,


would you finally feel like the parent you were meant to be? 

A to Zzzzs Master Sleep Class

for Babies 4 to 24 Months


One time payment in USD

  • 2.5 hours of video lessons accessible for 1 year 
  • 60 page manual
  • Worksheet and cheat sheets
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"The biggest achievement we have is that our daughter is able to self-soothe herself to sleep. She no longer is dependent on the soother to fall or stay asleep. We are napping regularly and consistently. We are extremely happy with how much sleep she, and the rest of the household, is getting. "

Sarah B.
Mom of a 4 Month Old

You want to do what's best for your little one.

Your family needs more sleep.

The night waking and endless bedtimes can't go on.


The time spent getting baby to sleep nap only to have her wake up 30 minutes later is discouraging.


The lack of sleep and the frustration around the entire process is wearing your household down.


But worse yet the feeling that you "should" know how to get your baby to sleep is unsettling.  


If your current strategies are draining your energy while failing to provide the holy grail of "sleeping through the night" then..... keep reading.  



Do any of these sound familiar?

I have a 5 month old...

... despite every schedule I try to put him on, he only naps for 30-45 minutes and at night will sleep for 2 hours then up every 45 minutes to an hour after that until 5 in the morning. We are at such a loss as to what to do. He is swaddled at night, burped, has white noise, is in a dark room, and goes to bed between 6:30-7pm every night. He can't stay asleep or get into a deep sleep. Same with napping." 


"I think I'm in trouble...

... I think I've created bad sleep habits or did something wrong. My breastfeeding 11 month old who has never been the best sleeper is getting worse.. she will barely nap not even the stroller or car and wakes every 2 hrs at night crying unless I nurse her. Where did I go wrong?"

Who knew it would be so hard to get your baby to fall asleep easily 

and then stay asleep?!

You were ready to be crowned parent of the year.  Ready to be the best parent ever and attend to every need.  You were never going to let your baby cry or wait for a feed and you assumed the sleep part of things would evolve naturally on it's own.   But it hasn't....

You've made progress in some parts of her sleep but overall you're still feeling stuck and unsure how to respond to yet another night wake up!?  She can't be hungry can she? 

Those short 45 minute naps ... which barely give you time to rewarm your coffee, have her waking unsatisfied and fussy. 

Those 5 am wake ups... ouch... clearly she's still tired and needs more sleep but you can only get her back down with intense ninja bouncing, or feeding from your personal buffet.  A rough way to start the day. 

This is NOT the way you envisioned your parenting journey. 


Your inner voice is your own worst critic.  Why can't I get this baby to sleep more?

Shouldn't I just "know" what to do? 

Isn't this sleep thing just sort of innate... you're tired, you sleep!   

Let me be the first to break the bad news to you, parenting is not innate. 

Yes, the love and cuddles you feel for your little one, and how she adores you... completely innate...

But  breastfeeding, getting your baby to sleep, potty training..... not always innate. 

These are skills that we learn and they are skills that can be taught.

Picture this....

You execute your short simple bedtime routine that involves lots of cuddles and smiles.  You lay your baby down in her crib calm but awake.  You leave the room and watch on the monitor as she babbles and coos herself to sleep.  Priceless.

You have time to yourself!  You stoke up the Netflix and hit the couch with your spouse or head out with the girls.   

You wake in the morning after a full night's sleep to the sound your baby cooing in her crib.  You pick her up and she gives you the biggest smiles.

You've got this parenting thing... you know how to meet her needs, what to do when things don't go as planned and how to be the loving, well-rested and attached parent that you have dreamed of being. 

The 3 Reasons You're Still Struggling with Sleep

In a Nut Shell

#1  You were hoping she would grow out of these poor sleep habits...

...But that doesn't seem to be happening, and while you might be sporadically getting a better night here or there, there's been no significant improvement and definitely no consistency in your baby's sleep. 


#2  You feel that getting your baby to sleep should be natural...

The intense love you feel for your baby, the  powerful instinct to protect them, the joyous cuddles and smiles - all natural and innate.  

However,  many parts of parenting aren't so natural or instinctual.

Breastfeeding is natural but can have a steep learning curve. At the beginning for most of us it might not feel so natural.   My cracked nipples would agree with that. 

How about that entire child birth process?  How much time and money did you spend prepping for that? Not so instinctual. 

You've already proved that getting your baby to sleep doesn't always come naturally...if it did, you wouldn't be reading this :)

And here's why: 

The drive to sleep is biological, the way we sleep is learned

#3  You've been inconsistent

One night you reached a breaking point and couldn't take it any longer so at the first night waking you implemented the trick that your neighbor told you she did with her baby. 

But it didn't seem to be going well, and hearing your baby cry, not knowing where it was going was too painful to continue. 

So you stopped and nursed back to sleep because it just didn't feel right. 

It didn't feel right because you didn't have a road map to success. 

You didn't have reasonable expectations associated with your baby's age, food source and temperament. 

There is nothing like self doubt at 2 am to ruffle the most calm cool and collected parent. 

The Good News

It's never too late to teach your baby to sleep.   

You don't have to stay "stuck" any longer.

I've taken the step by step approach that I've used coaching hundreds of babies of different ages and personalities to put together a step by step approach that creates your road map to success in my online class A to Zzzzs.

In this class you will achieve:

  • An understanding of what your baby's needs are based on her age and how to meet those needs
  • Long age appropriate stretches of night time sleep including "Sleeping through the night" where it is appropriate 
  • Eliminate night waking
  • Easy put downs that take no more than 5-15 minutes
  • Long happy naps and waking up smiling
  • A well-rested even happier baby 
  • The feeling that you are rocking this parenting thing

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah

I used to nurse my baby back to sleep every 2 hours in the night.  I think I kind of liked "meeting his needs" and "being needed'... until I was just too worn down.  

I'm a Doctor of Chiropractor by training but after my life changing experience of teaching my son to sleep, I found my true passion...

Empowering parents to get their little ones to sleep.   

I am a listener,  a connector, a sleep detective and the creator of the online sleep class A to Zzzzs for babies 4- 24 months. 

Since 2013, I've helped thousands of parents teach their little ones to sleep.

I am NOT that lady that's going to tell you that your baby is 13lbs and can therefore sleep through the night.

I am NOT that lady that's going to tell you to close the door and not return.

I am NOT that lady that's going to tell you to switch to formula to get more sleep.

I am the lady that's going to teach you parenting skills to to help your baby sleep, that will guide you through your child's ages.



"This class has been life changing. Before the class I was feeling hopeless and exhausted. I was afraid to start sleep training for fear that it was the wrong choice for my family. After after a couple weeks of my 4 month old waking up every 45 minutes, I didn't see any other option. Everything I learned in this class helped me understand Cara's needs and how to meet them in the most gentle manner. I definitely enjoy my time with my daughter more now that we're both getting more sleep. This class isn't a cookie cutter approach but rather taught me parenting skills that have guided me through the months. "

Well Rested Mom

A to Zzzzs  Online Sleep Class for Babies 4 to 24 Months 

Gently teach your little one to sleep in a step by step manner and transform your household into an even happier, well-rested nest.  

Here's What Happens Next

  • Enroll and have your login and password emailed to you
  • Download your manual and worksheets
  • Go online on your computer or phone and in 2.5 hours watch the 4 steps of the sleep teaching process
  • Have that AHA!  moment (or two)  when you realize where you've been going wrong
  • Implement your sleep plan
  • Enjoy the feeling of being well rested and having an even happier baby 

The 4 Step Process You'll Learn in the Class

How I'll Guide You to Success

Step 1:  Why Sleep is a Struggle

  • Identifying where you're going wrong is the first step 
  • In this section you learn your AHA! Moments and feel hopeful about what's to come 

Step 2:  Set Up For Success

  • Identifying what your baby's sleep and food needs are by month of age 
  • Set realistic and gentle expectations
  • In this section you realize what is possible for your child and set goals you feel comfortable with

Step 3:  Sleep Teaching Nights and Naps

  • This is the meat and potatoes of sleep training
  • You'll learn two different sleep training techniques - the most gentle and then next most gentle and how to decide which is the best for your family
  • You'll learn best case and worse case scenarios for night waking, bedtimes and naps and step by step approach on how to handle them
  • You'l take away valuable parenting skills that will guide you through the ages

Step 4:  Life After Sleep Training

  • Learn about illness, teething and traveling with kids and simple strategies to help get you through these periods

Here's What You'll Create

Peaceful Nights

The ability to put your baby down awake and listen to her babble and coo in the crib while you clean up the kitchen and get ready for your Netflix marathon is a beautiful thing.  Coupled with long stretches of age appropriate sleep, you'll feel like a new person.

Restorative Naps

Understanding when your baby needs to nap is the first step in having her wake up happy and rested while you scratched items off your to do list, or had a little nap yourself.  When was the last time you had a little "me" time? 

Feeling Good

A well-rested baby is a happy baby and a happy baby has happy parents.  More sleep with less effort makes everyone happier and enjoying life that much more.  You'll finally feel like you're nailing this parenting thing and know what to do when things don't go as planned.

Do I Believe in "Cry it Out?"


Start teaching your baby to sleep tonight!

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A to Zzzzs Master Sleep Class

for Babies 4 to 24 Months


One time payment in USD

  • 2.5 hours of video lessons accessible for 1 year 
  • 60 page manual
  • Worksheet and cheat sheets
Start Sleeping Now!

This Class is Perfect for You If..

  • You're a person who hasn't really worked on sleep at all and want to start off and with your best chance of success and support
  • You've already started working on sleep but can't seem to crack the code to all the sleep your family needs
  • You are ready to make a change in the way your baby sleeps and try something different
  • You're ready to complete all the videos in 5-7 days from enrollment
  • You can commit to staying home for 2-3 days over the weekend to work on sleep
  • You're good at taking direction and implementing
  • You are ready for change and more sleep 

By now you already know that the biggest difference between predictable, peaceful sleep vs interrupted and frustrating nights is a step by step approach that sets you up for success.

If you're a tired parent who wants the best for their baby, you need A to Zzzzs Online Sleep Class.

If you've been trying too many different approaches in a hap hazard way, you need  A to Zzzzs.

If you've got nights down but naps are hit and miss, you need A to Zzzzs.

You can be loving, attached and the parent of a well-rested baby. You deserve more. 

So let's stop talking about it and get to it....


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