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Helping Babies Sleep School Membership

Compassionately Teach Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night in 2 Weeks or Less 

When You Join the Sleep School, You'll Gain Access to All of Our Classes and Private Facebook Community

All of our classes contain short, self-paced lessons with step-by-step instructions and guidance. Still have questions? Hop into our exclusive Facebook Group to ask Dr. Sarah your questions and connect with other parents! 

  • Helping Newborns Sleep: 0-8 weeks

  • Helping Babies Sleep: 4-24 months

  • Helping Toddlers Sleep: 2-4 Years

  • Helping Moms Sleep: a course just for YOU! Being a mom is hard work. Learn how to get your best sleep yet!


What You'll Learn:

  • How to confidently and compassionately guide your baby to sleep through the night with age appropriate feeds
  • Conquer nap put downs and have your baby waking up cooing and happy

  • Skills to develop a flexible schedule that will guide you through the continual stages of childhood.


What You'll Gain:

  • Happier Babies - Sleep is essential for child development and creates happy, loving & joyous babies! 
  • Be More Loving & Present - Become relaxed and confident as you create healthy routines

  • Energize & Restore Your Life - Reclaim your nights and wake up with more energy than ever before!


What's Included:

  • 24/7 access to all courses on mobile, desktop, or tablet
  • Access To Experts - Chat with Dr. Sarah & Her Sleep Ambassadors  

  • Private Facebook Group Membership - ask questions, get help, and connect with other parents just like you!

  • Facebook Live sessions with Dr. Sarah twice a week
  • All downloadable course content & guides

  • Free course updates

  • No contracts

  • 30 day money back guarantee


Meet Dr. Sarah Mitchell

A chiropractor by training, Dr. Sarah has helped thousands of families teach their little ones to sleep since 2013. She created the Helping Babies Sleep School to help bring parents easy, gentle & safe strategies that have proven results. Dr. Sarah's a member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, a board member of the Mothers Milk Bank of San Jose and currently partnering with San Jose State University researching maternal anxiety pre and post sleep training.


Hear What Our Members Have to Say:

“Before this course, I was feeling stressed out, very tired and frustrated. No one in the house was sleeping well consistently and we didn't know what to do. Since taking the course, my 15 month old has been sleeping through the night. My favorite part about the course was that it was online and I could do with my phone and laptop. Oh and sleeping too!”

Courtney F.

“My main hesitation of taking this course was there being so many quick-fixes and gimmicky programs aimed at frustrated parents, that I always question the legitimacy and effectiveness of things. I ultimately decided to try this program because it was recommended by a trusted friend. The biggest benefit of the course is that our whole family is sleeping! Beyond that, it's been wonderful that bedtime is enjoyable again.”

Cheryl B. & Maren

“Before the course I was feeling frustrated with daytime napping. We knew that our daughter was soother dependent and using this as a sleep crutch. The biggest achievement we have is that our daughter is able to self-soothe herself to sleep. She no longer is dependent on the soother! We are napping regularly and consistently. We are extremely happy with how much sleep she, and the rest of the household, is getting.”

Sarah B